Our construction team will build the building according to your plans so you can move into your new home.

Construction can start once you have a valid building permit. In this case, the agreed plans are handed over to our construction coordinator in sections, divided into work phases. He or she is responsible for ordering the raw materials for the building, supervising the production of the individual elements and scheduling the construction phases. Thanks to its work, once the levelling is complete, all the materials needed for construction are delivered exactly when the phases need them, reducing construction time by at least a third. Coordinated construction allows the construction of the structure, the interior design and the exterior finish to be as fast as possible, without idle time, and in a cost-effective manner.

What makes a coordinated construction project cost-effective?

Building materials are delivered to the construction site in the sizes and quantities ordered, exactly when they are used. As building with a construction kit is a quick process, there are no unnecessary storage fees and no waste. Because of the fast material consumption, the idle time of the technicians can be completely reduced. The building set, which will be used until the building is ready for construction, does not require any special handling or enclosed storage units and is not weather-sensitive. Once the building is ready, the materials for the interior and exterior works will be delivered and used by our contractors according to the design.

What is a building kit?

The fast construction of our passive houses is made possible by our patented unique prefabricated construction. Our building materials are used in the size and shape according to the plans. The elements of the kit are manufactured under continuous professional supervision and quality assurance. The assembly of all the elements of a given house is not hindered by the variability of the weather, so it can be built in all seasons. A further advantage of the building set is the possibility to expand it later, to add or build on top of it.

We have made the following a priority for the materials we use:

As the construction industry is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, we focus on ecology. The design and construction of our buildings is based on ecological values:

materials from low-carbon production

accurate delivery quantities, no excess or waste materials used

fast construction time

and above all the construction of very well insulated and therefore energy efficient buildings

Innovation! Work on the materials used:

innovation in assembly solutions

a transparent assembly plan from the first design phase

use of IT solutions

Our requirements for the materials used:

use of care-free materials in the construction kit

quality assurance, controlled production

size and colour matching products for expansion

BIM compatible materials for design

Can the construction site be visited?

Of course, you can check the current status and completion at any time during construction. It is also not a problem if the client is away from the construction site.

From the start of each construction project until the day of handover, we operate an online camera system with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 camera positions. During the construction, we provide the client or his appointed expert with 0/24-hour access to the remote online camera area of the construction site.

Once the construction is completed, the complete online material and all technical and design plans are handed over to the building owner. In the event of a later addition or extension, these documents will allow a water-main-sewer-wall extension to be carried out in connection with the original plans.